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      Vulcanizator HVA-2 (PDM)

      Chemical name: N,N'-m-phenylene bismaleimide
      Properties: Yellow or brown powder. Specific gravity: 1.44. It is soluble in dioxane, 4-hydrogen furan, and hot acetone; insolvable in petroleum ether, chloroform, benzene and water.
      Functions: As multi-functional auxiliary agent for rubber, HVA-2 can be used as vulcanizator in rubber processing, auxiliary vulcanizator in peroxide system, vulcanization retarder and tackifier, and it can be used in universal rubber, special rubber and rubber-plastic blend. In NR, HVA-2 can prevent the revert of vulcanization, improve heat resistance, reduce heat-dissipating, and heighten aging resistance, modulus of vulcanized rubber as well as the cohesive force between rubber and tyre cord. In truck tyres, cushioning layers and such rubber, it can solve the no-filling problem of diagonal tyre edge, and can be used in thick and large NR products and other rubber products. In the special rubber such as CR, CSPR, SBR, NBR, IIR, BR, bromized BR, AR, SR and rubber blend, it can be used as auxiliary vulcanizator to improve crosslinking effectiveness, increase heat resistance; it can also be used in high-temperature vulcanization system, to reduce compression deformation, decrease dosage of peroxide, prevent the scorching of rubber during processing, and improve the adhesive force between rubber, tyre cord and metal.
      Dosage: 0.5-1.0 phr as vulcanization retarder; 2-3 phr as vulcanizator; 1.5 phr for improving compression deformation; 0.5-5.0 phr for increasing adhesive strength.
      Quality index:

      Yellow or brown powder
      Loss on heating ≤
      Ash content % ≤
      Melting point °C ≥

      Package: Pack in paper bags lined with PVC film bags; net weight: 25kg/bag.

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      Add:No. 8, Weier Rd., North of Economic Development Zone, Suqian, Jiangsu, China

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