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4,4'-Diphenylisopropyl diphenylamine (Antioxidant HS-911)


Chemical name:4,4'-Diphenylisopropyl diphenylamine
Structural formula:
Molecular formula:C30H31N
Molecular weight: 405
Functions: HS-911 is a kind of high-efficient nontoxic Antioxidant to replace D, A, RD and so on which are carcinogenic. HS-911 can be used in NR, IIR, SBR, NBR, BR, CR and their blend, and is especially efficient in protecting CR from thermal aging. It can also be used in plastic industry. HS-911 not only can protect vulcanized rubber from thermal aging, light aging, ozone aging and damage caused by repeating deformation, but also has a passivating effect on heavy metal and transition metal. Because of its light contamination, HS-911 can be used in insulative and protective rubber sheeting for color wires and cables as well as common color rubber products in place of Antioxidant 264, SP, 2264, MB, DNP, etc, to greatly reduce the production cost. In carbon black rubber, it has oxidation resistance of amine type, and will not pollute products. HS-911 can be exclusively used or used together with other Antioxidant . Normal dosage in rubber is 2-3 phr.
Quality index:


Off white or light grey powder or granules
Content of HS-911 % ≥
Loss on heating % ≤


Package: Pack in paper bag lined with PVC film bag; net weight: 25kg/bag.
Storage: Store in shady, cool and dry places. Keep away from moisture.

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Add:No. 8, Weier Rd., North of Economic Development Zone, Suqian, Jiangsu, China

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